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The Advantech Gaming DMS is a professional gaming computing DMS (Design and Manufacturing Services) with extensive experience in product development and vertical integration capabilities. Our diversified product lines include security solutions, gaming motherboards, system and machine integration service, which apply to casinos (slot machines, bingo games, AWP, table games), arcades (racing games, fighting games, kids' games, musical games), recreationpk10开奖记录 (dart machines, touch games, golf machines) markets.

At Advantech, we take pride in our well-diversified service portfolio, unique designs, flexible manufacturing capabilities, and reliable after-sale services。

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Expertise: Customization Services

Advantech Gaming Computing DMS has a dedicated project team to fulfill customer needs, from discovering and defining the real demands to delivering total solutions with a short time to market。 We are a trustworthy partner, excelling in providing worry-free customization services。

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Methodology: Modular Product Plan

With decades of gaming design platform know-how, Advantech Gaming DMS offers solid hardware platform design, various peripheral choices, software solutions and customized service from component level to system level。 Our object is definite and unchanging: to help the customer create reliable gaming systems。

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    Security Solution

    Total security solution, from HW to FW to API level。

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    Board Design

    Board design solution, from X86 to RISC platform。

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    System Integration

    Chassis design and system integration service。

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    Machine Integration

    Integration service including ecosystem / gaming devices for gaming machines.

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    Safety & EMC Pre-scan

    Provide Safety & EMC Pre-scan for customer verification.

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  • 工业主板(GMB)

    GMB 系列游戏主板能满足您的所有基本游戏平台需求,能在成本、效能与耐用性方面提供最佳的效益。 GMB 系列游戏主板 (MB) 搭配 研华标准机壳使用;再加上 PSU,便是完美平衡的系统解决方案。 GMB 系列游戏主板 (MB)是具有高效能/成本比的主板,适用于赌场、大型游戏机、柏青哥游戏机及多重显示等应用。

  • 工业级系统(GMB)

    GMB 系列产品着重于多重显示应用,并提供各种显示器与 I/O 选项。 双绘图卡 / 2 x PCIe x16 插槽具有卓越的绘图卡传输速度,并提供额外的显示解决方案。 适用于 4、8 或 12 台独立显示器的弹性显示器配置,支持游戏、广告、电视墙、信息站及零售市场等多重显示应用。 多种 I/O 选择 (COM 端口、USB 端口等) ...

  • 研华GMB统包解决方案(AGMB)


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