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The mission of Advantech Medical DMS (Medical DMS) is to become the strategic partner of the leading healthcare providers. Medical DMS provides a wide range of customized medical certified computing solutions. Our product portfolio includes medical computing systems, medical panel PCs/AIOs, medical tablet PCs, and also fitness computing consoles. With strong customization capability and experience in medical grade systems, Medical DMS not only deliver qualified medical computing products to our customers but also act as the strategic & innovative partner for medical customers.

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    ISO 13485

    Medical DMS has a ISO 13485 certified factory with design team。 The development and manufacturing processes comply with ISO 13485 which provides both transparency and traceability of medical products。

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    As an expert in the medical computing field, we know the importance of reducing risk to patients or operators, so Advantech works with customers on the development of IEC60601 compliant products and certificate applications。

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    Risk Management

    Medical DMS has accumulated lots of experiment on risk management. Through the methodology of DFMEA & PFMEA, we evaluate product design and manufacturing processes to minimize probability and severity of hazards to an acceptable level. Medical customer inputs are welcome as part of the evaluation process.

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    Flexible Service Model

    For business models, Medical DMS is ready to cooperate with our customers in either ODM, OEM, customization or off-shelf product integration。 With a comprehensive product portfolio, ranging from single boards, full systems, servers to tablets, Advantech is flexible in fulfilling customer needs。

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    Product Certification

    Medical DMS has experience in submitting products for medical certification. From safety, EMC to EN60601-1 3rd version, aggregated cooperation with NRTL enables effective trouble shooting and facilitates the certification process.

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    Early Engagement at the Concept Phase

    Advantech has engaged with our customer from the very beginning of the concept forming phase. We can provide, thorough feasibility studies, mockup sample evaluations, cost estimations, etc. based on our expertise and years of experience.

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  • 医疗计算平台

    Advantech 的医疗设计制造服务 (DMS) 提供广泛的医疗运算解决方案,适用于超音波、手术计算机断层扫描、核磁共震摄影 (MRI)、X 光等检查。我们的 DMS 医疗运算系统符合客户需求,从主板到全面系统整合、储存服务器到控制系统、标准产品组合到客制化设计一应俱全。

  • 医疗一体机

    研华的 DMS 医疗平板计算机将最先进的技术融合在医疗等级的设计中,例如医疗运算系统及医疗监视器。 为符合医疗规范,研华的医疗平板计算机采用独立式 COM 及 LAN 端口、容易清理的无边框无风扇设计,以及减少细菌曝露机会的抗菌材质。 我们具有丰富的设计服务经验,除了给您弹性的医疗运算装置或医疗监视器客制化选择,也能有效缩短上市时间。

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